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Knowledgeable and Experienced Realtor

Marlin Realty is a locally owned licensed real estate company. We help clients looking to buy or sell a property in Bell County, TX. You can rely on our realtor to work with different clients, from new homebuyers to commercial property investors. Over the years, we have maintained our solid reputation because we make customer satisfaction our top priority.

About the Broker

Although Marlin Realty is a new, independent brokerage, I am not a stranger to Real Estate in Central Texas. My father, Charles Bradley Sr., had a real estate brokerage in Killeen for as long as I can remember and I joined his firm in 1993. My entire Real Estate career, over 25 years, has been in Central Texas and I must admit that it there is a learning opportunity in most every transaction. I enjoy that.

The Killeen and Harker Heights areas (as well as all of the surrounding

communities) are unique in that we serve the civilian and military population, alike. Assisting someone in the military in a buying or selling situation offers up additional challenges that I have become very familiar with. The reality is, every transaction can have its challenges and it is my experience that can simplify and overcome them so that your experience is one that you will look back on with appreciation.

I appreciate every opportunity to open up a dialogue with prospective clients so that they can get a better feel for what to expect from myself and Marlin Realty. Consider this an invitation to have that conversation.

Jack Bradley

Thank you for taking the time to view the website. I appreciate it and you can contact me anytime. Also, if you are interested in staying on top local news, market trends, lending programs and, yes, some of my favorite recipes (I am very handy in the kitchen), sign up for our emails. I promise not fill your inbox and it will contain useful information for any of your real estate needs.

Thanks again and have a wonderful day,

Marty (Jack) Bradley

Blue Marlin

Behind the Name

The Blue Marlin is one of the largest, most beautiful fish in the sea. As a youngster, I read Hemingways "The Old Man and The Sea" and came away with a real fondness for the story. I have always loved the sea and the mystery it holds. That book, my life experiences while living in the Caribbean and my many decades exploring the underwater world is why my appreciation for most everything aquatic blossomed. The Marlin is strong, determined and it is always moving forward. Those characteristics are certainly ones my business can stand behind.

We have choices that we have to make every day. In Real Estate, there are many service provider options to choose from and the most that we can ask of a service provider is that they operate in a way that instills confidence through honesty, ability and professional service. I understand this and my pledge to you is to do everything possible to create the feeling that you have made the right choice by allowing Marlin Realty serve you.

I look forward to working with you.
Marty (Jack) Bradley

Did You Know…

*The Blue Marlin can grow to almost 17 feet in length and weigh up to 1800 pounds.

*When hunting in a school of fish, the Marlin will use its long, sword like upper jaw to swipe at its collective prey then turn around and feed on the stunned or injured prey.